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The AS-AC8M designed by Armada for aquariums and sea parks in need of a continuous duty, surface supplied low pressure air system. Used for educational feeding shows and pool maintenance.

Mounted on a stainless-steel base plate with stainless-steel hose reel.

Original Inventors of Water-Powered Pool Scrubbers

  • System supports one to three divers
  • Portable system can be transported easily to other exhibits
  • 100% oiless compressor (Low Noise)
  • Inline air filter for taste and odor (Does not remove carbon monoxide)
  • 6 cfm (169.9 liters per minute) @ 115 psi (793.1 kPa)
  • Pressure gauge and continuous unloader valve
  • 120 volt electric power @ 15 amperes
  • All electrical switches & connectors are waterproof and meet NEMA standards
  • 50 feet (15.24 meters) heavy marine SO power cord
  • Integrated GFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interupt)
  • Uses standard wall outlet plug
  • One 150 foot (45.72 meters) dive hoses, U.S. Navy approved (See Dive Hose specifications for more info.)
  • One commercial twin shoulder style harnesses with diver manifold checkvalve and BC hose whip
  • Optional second diver wye hose diver assembly
  • Compressor mounted on heavy rubber isolaters
  • Stainless steel hose-reel
  • Portable unit fits easily through standard door openings or elevators

Dimensions: 21" (533.4 mm) Width x 24" (609.6 mm) Height x 49" (1244.6 mm) Length
Approximate Weight: 55 U.S. pounds (24.948 Kilograms)

Armada can design a dive system for your specific needs.