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AGP-911 Acrylic Polisher!
AS-EWP 7200 Turnkey System
APS-S14 Single Head Scrubber
APS-S610 Single Head Scrubber
APS-T10 Hydro Twin Scrubber
APS-T12 Hydro Twin Scrubber
APS-T15 Hydro Twin Scrubber
Underwater Cleaning Brushes
APS-EWP 300 Power Unit
APS-EWP 33S Power Unit
APS-EWP 500 Power Unit
APS-GWP 550 Power Unit
APS-GWP 1300 Power Unit
Hydro Laser Tool Attachments
Hydro Hose
War Wagon
Rolling Vac-Head
Dive/Walk Helmets
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Armada Systems, Inc.

Who We Are

We are the world's first and largest manufacturer of water-powered submersible cleaning systems for Aquariums, Sea Parks, Zoos, and Commercial Pools . We also build custom units for specialized applications. Armada markets its cleaning systems worldwide direct-so we can maintain a "Direct Line of Communication" with our equipment users, to provide engineering, parts, service and maintenance assistance.

Our full service facility includes design, fabrication, assembly and testing. This allows us to provide a standard line of cleaning systems efficiently, as well as custom built equipment for specific needs. We are constantly developing innovative designs for the in-water Aquarium cleaning. We have built our business on listening to the recommendations "from you our customers" to inject new ideas for product development and refinement. Armada Systems, Inc. is a company dedicated to our customers. Our dollars are invested in our equipment. Fancy advertising and gimmicks are not our policy. Quality and customers satisfaction is. Our goal is to produce equipment that is extremely reliable, easy to maintain, simple to operate and economical to own.

Original Inventors of Water-Powered Pool Scrubbers

We ship worldwide by air and sea!
Armada Systems, Inc.
Phone (850) 664-5197
E-mail:[email protected]