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5 Row Underwater Cleaning Brushes!
Armada manufactures 15 different brush materials for cleaning any type pool or rock surface.
All underwater brushes are constructed of the highest quality bristle materials.
Consult Armada for your specific cleaning needs.

Armada manufactures paint-safe brushes for custom applications that vary in size -- 8" (203.2 mm) , 10" (254 mm), 12" (304.8 mm), or 15" (381 mm) in diameter.

Rock Brush -- Used for cleaning manmade rock and very uneven surfaces with deep crevices

polypropylene.jpg (10235 bytes)

Polypropylene -- Used for cleaning light to medium growth

Available in four different polypropylene materials.


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Nylon -- Light growth and fiberglass pool & tank surfaces

Available in three different nylon materials.


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Grit -- For medium to heavy growth on painted & unpainted concrete surfaces

Available in six different grit materials.


stainlesssteel.jpg (10527 bytes)

Stainless Steel Row -- Medium growth slime, grass, and barnacles on aluminum
steel surfaces, concrete pilings, sea walls, and unpainted concrete

Not Recommended for Painted Surfaces

Specifications/Technical data are available upon request.

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